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Contemporary & Tasteful

Avigail Wieder Art

Beautiful Jewish and Judaica artwork featuring Israel and Jerusalem's most loved streets, scenes, walls and places.

When you buy a piece of art that speaks to you, you are not just enhancing your walls. You are enhancing your heart and soul too. Bring art into your heart and home and feel alive, connected and inspired.


 It is written in the Talmud that ten measures of beauty descended to the world;  Jerusalem received nine, while the rest of the world received one. (Kiddushin 49a-b). This is my inspiration for painting. That you can bring into your home the beauty, the holiness and the connection that reflects what the love of Israel and Jerusalem that you hold in your heart.



I hope my work inspires you too: to find within yourself the courage, the faith and the hope, to listen to your soul and do what you love.


“I purchased a print from Avigail being shipped to Canada. Her service was amazing! Fast, quick and it arrived perfectly.


I was surprised by the quality; It looks like an original and feels like one.


The experience purchasing the art makes it that much better and it adds so much love to our home.”

— Heather Chauvin, Canada


“Avigail took the time to show us samples of all her work, explained the inspiration behind some of the artwork and even helped us figure out how to hang them in our apartment.


She is a pleasure to work with and is very talented! 

I admire the pictures every time I look at them!

— R. A. Jerusalem

Old City.jpg

How to get your art from shop to home:

Browse artwork and choose your favourite piece. Select the desired dimensions from the drop down menu and add to cart. Go to checkout and receive your purchase within 7-14 days.

Want a different size or option? 

Want to create your own custom made original art?

Find more information here;


“Avigail fashioned our vision for our Ketubah into a beautiful piece of art.


She really absorbed what we wanted as well as incorporated parts of our names and personalities into the final product so it reflected a fusion of who we are as a couple.


The colours are just stunning and it's a fabulous addition to our home.

—Datya & David Kahan, London

AW_016 crop 01.jpg

“It's a masterpiece, thank you so so much.


It adds so much vibrancy and soul to our home and is so beautiful.


We love it! 

— D. G., Jerusalem

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