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Turning the dream in your mind into a reality on your wall

When you have a piece of art that speaks to you, you are not just enhancing your walls. You are enhancing your heart and soul too. 

It can be a challenge to find exactly the artwork that works for you and your home.

And it can be a blessing to work with someone who can help you create exactly that!


Ordering a custom painting means you get to co-create what it is you have in mind.

What atmosphere you want to create, what feeling you want to elicit, what meaning and inspiration you want it to hold. 

My aim is that you will bring into your home a piece of art that will give you joy and satisfaction everyday. Filling your home with love and meaning. 

Contact me for more information or to schedule a free discovery call. I would love to connect with you.

“I was beyond happy with the original painting Avigail painted for me and my family!


She put such Torah and soul into it, it came out beautiful!”

—R. B. Israel


“Phenomenal. The piece I commissioned turned out amazing.


A talented artist with creative ideas”

— Aryeh Cohen, London


“Thank you for the most most beautiful picture.

There are no words, I cannot express how beautiful and meaningful your picture is to us

—S. B. London, recipient of a commsioned gift


“It's a masterpiece, thank you so so much.


It adds so much vibrancy and soul to our home and is so beautiful.


We love it! 

— D. G., Jerusalem

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